Important Information


Please note: Information provided related to sexual violence, harm to self, or imminent harm to others may require a formal response due to the University’s obligations to uphold Title IX, Clery Act, and related laws.

Would you like to report a concern for intimate partner violence, such as sexual assault, relationship violence, or stalking?

  • If your concern is in regard to intimate partner violence, please contact the Office of Title IX Compliance and/or complete their online reporting form.

Would you like to report a crime to the Appalachian State University Police Department?

  • If this is an emergency, please call 828 262 8000 (emergency) or 911.
  • If this is a non-emergency, please call 828 262 2150 (non-emergency).
  • You may also report a crime to Appalachian State University Police 可众连接国外网的软件. 

 Would you like to report an allegation of student misconduct?

  • If your concern is in regard to the alleged misconduct of an Appalachian student, such as vandalism, plagiarism, and more, please contact the Office of Student Conduct and/or report the incident online.

Would you like to report a concern for the well-being of an Appalachian student?

  • If your concern is about the emotional well-being of a student, including concerns for adjustment to college life, grief, or more, please feel encouraged to contact the Office of the Dean of Students. 

Would you like to report a concern involving employment-related matters (e.g., equal employment opportunities, affirmative action), including or involving Prohibited Conduct by any SHRA employee, EHRA non-faculty employee, student employee, temporary employee, or applicant for employment?  If so, please contact the Office of Human Resources by calling 828-262-3187.


  • Counseling & Psychological Services - Confidential Support for Students
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